Serdar Kitapçı

Yıldız Technical University, Mechanical Engineering, 1981



Kitapçı who ended his 21-year professional life at Koç Holding as 'Purchasing Director' of Koç Holding Durable Goods Group responsible with all supply chain processes, founded Innovis in 2001 and :

•Assumed interim CEO role to lead financial restructuring and turnaround management processes of two leading iron-steel and plastic sheet manufacturıng companies during financial restructuring and turnaround management processes.
•Managed corporate renewal and consulting projects in companies ranging from SMBs to large holdings performing in various industries.



Cavidan Güven

Middle East Technical Unıversity, Mechanical Engineering, 1992



Before founding Innovis in 2001, Güven worked in various high-level positions in purchasing and production processes in Koç Holding and Omsan Logistics. After Innovis, she :

Worked as interim CEO in various companies during crisis management and turnaround management processes and successfully managed financial restructurings.
Conducted negotiations between companies and financial institutions for financial restructuring and investment projects and performed due diligences. 



Fevzi Menteş

Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering, 1986



Menteş who worked as a director and Beko Poland General Manager within Koç Holding and as Poland Country Manager of Horoz Logistics, specializes in strategic management, business and product development and performance improvement. 



Murat Altinbilek

Middle East Technical University, Industrial Engineering, 1987



Before joining Innovis, Altınbilek worked in General Manager, Qaulity Manager and Management Consultant positions in various industrial companies. He specialized in corporate development and performance improvement. 



Onur Gura

London Business School – MBA 2009

University of Michigan, Industrial & Operations Engineering, 2003



Started his career as Operations & Purchasing Director in a client company under a turnaround management project. Currently he manages turnaround management, financial restructuring and corporate renewal projects of our clients.



Irem Duru

İstanbul Technical University, Materials Engineering, Master's, 2004 

İstanbul Technical University, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, 2002 



Duru who worked in purchasing and R&D in Koç Holding, currently works with large buinesses in turnaround management projects. 



Umut Albayrak
Marmara University, Business Administration, 2005

Albayrak worked as a Manager and Auditor at KPMG leading financial reports preparation and analysis processes and managed financial audits of companies in various sectors.



Sibel Güzelil

Beşiktaş Atatürk High School, 1984

Worked in Birikim FCA Advertisement, Pars McCann Erickson, Ajanstek Advertisement and Güzel Sanatlar/Saatchi&Saatchi as management assistant. Güzelil has ben working in Innovis since 2006.


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